Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Earth

This film was a bit of a mixed bag.  While definitely not falling to many of the sci-fi tropes it doesn’t read, to me, like much of a sci-fi film.  It used the backdrop of sci-fi to tell its story, some sort of drama, romance, independent film existential crisis story.  The film falls short of the opportunity to really explore the interesting idea of meeting your other self.  A planet of exact replicas of ourselves.  The movie focuses on the relationship between Rhoda and John, turning it into a downright uncomfortable love plotline.  Sleeping with the man whose family you unintentionally killed just doesn’t sit right.  I feel that so many movies with potential lose it due to the incessant need to add romance into every genre.  The film comes so close to dealing with the implications of other life in the universe.  Not just any life but the exact copy of our own.  The broken mirror theory proposed in the film is so incredibly compelling but is used as a plot device for Rhoda to redeem herself to John.  I would much rather explored the facisnating concept of getting to talk to not only someone that looks just like you, but has shared all the same life experiences that you have.  Once the two planets have discovered each other and subsequently traveled to one another what does that change?  Do the people no longer share that connection or are their lives so intertwined that one might lose their free will, succumbing to the same fate as their double?  Such a cool concept wasted on the relationship between the main characters.  

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