Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Fire

The second installment of the Hunger Games continues along many of the same lines as the first.  Katniss is a rare female lead character.  Many of the reviews we read praised the series for painting such a strong female role model in a film.  However, I always feel her character lacks the agency to be a true heroine.  Sure she is strong and independent but her character is chiefly concerned with other people, namely her two love interests.  While she doesn’t fall victim to the typical love sick teenager routine she still bases the majority of her actions around how it will affect her relationships with them.  She is not interested in being a leader or fronting the revolution that builds around her.  She would rather accept the status quo so long as her family and boyfriends are placated. 

Despite that criticism it still is a forward move for the fantasy/sci-fi genre.  She is a positive character, especially for young girls, capable of providing for herself and the ones she cares for.  And she does eventually join the cause, somewhat unknowingly.  She is fierce and stubborn and does not fit the bill of the majority of teenage female characters.  

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