Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I really like Sam Rockwell regardless but he really killed it in this movie.  His two versions of same are played so differently you can tell which one it is just by the way he carries himself.  I can understand why they had written this knowing they wanted him to play Sam.  The use of models of CGI gives an almost nostalgic feel to this movie.  The little rovers on the moon are almost cute but you can feel that empty feeling of space.  Did I not mention Kevin Spacey yet?  Oh man, his voice can give so much depth to a little robot with emoticon faces.  Just killer preformances in general.  The storyline is nice, playing right into the theme of duplicity that the last few films have been dealing with.  In regards to clones it is easy to see that they are individual people.  Even with the same genetics and memories they are two seperate people with different thoughts and ambitions.  Highly enjoyable and a great way to close out the semester.

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