Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Now, I have seen Primer multiple times and I still can't say I know what's going on all the time.  It blows my mind that the movie was made on such a low budget and essentially just pieced together by the friends of writer/director/actor Shane Carruth.  Again, we are dealing with multiple versions of the same person.  How do you know which is the real you when you can splice through time like that?  What happens to you if the other version of you is injured?  Time travel comes with so many questions but this movie deals with them in a fairly realistic way.  It is funny to see of course the first thing they try and do is make money.  It seems to be human nature but we all know how that turned out for Marty McFly.  The way the movie was shot has that hazy feel of being a little disoriented and jaded which fits so well with the subject matter.  It is am awesome work of sci-fi by such a skeleton crew you can't help but admire it even if you are still scratching your head a bit.  I know I am.

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